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Why Choose

As the inventor of Aluminium Composite Material, ALUCOBOND® has been widely used in the construction industry since its entrance in 1969.

ALUCOBOND® is designed and manufactured for the application on facades, roofs, soffits, column claddings and ceilings. It is light, stiff, easy to process and has a high quality coil coated finish. It is the major component of most facades across world next to glass.


ALUCOBOND® uses fluoropolymers for surface coating which makes it the preferred choice for longterm architectural use. Inherently, its Marine Grade Alloy is corrosion-resistant and ensures durability in harsh corrosive environment

Highly Adaptable

ALUCOBOND® is rigid yet highly formable. This opens up wide possibilities for architects and consultants to design their dream projects.

Bouquet of Colours & Finishes

ALUCOBOND® offers a wide range of colours, surface finishes and textures to suit every need and meet every requirement.

Light Weight

The composite structure of ALUCOBOND® creates an impressive strength-to-weight ratio irrespective of the panel size.

Fire Safety

ALUCOBOND® PLUS is a fire retardant grade that is suitable for all applications and has a proven safety record, both in testing and real life. Wherever regulations or specifications require it, ALUCOBOND® A2 sets the non-combustible ACM standard since 1992.

Optimal Flatness

High-speed automated & intelligent ACM production line accurately formulates mineral core content and ensures uniform thickness.

Manufacturing Expertise

More than 50 years of experience-driven manufacturing process built over years of research and development.


Warranty backed by the leading brand in the industry.

Savings on Heating / Cooling Costs

The optimally insulated building envelope provides considerable savings in energy costs.