ALUCORE®: Aluminium Honeycomb Panels for Architecture Façades and Self-supporting Roofs with Unmatched Strength to Weight Ratio

ALUCORE® combines two aluminium cover sheets with a honeycomb core of aluminium, delivering exceptional strength and stiffness along with unparalleled formability allowing design freedom.

Discover ALUCORE®, the cutting-edge aluminium composite panel revolutionising industries worldwide. With its remarkable features and the renowned ALUCOBOND® trademark, ALUCORE® sets the bar high for excellence in applications ranging from transportation to architecture. Experience the power of extraordinary flatness, a vibrant array of colours, and exceptional rigidity with these unique honeycomb panels.

Engineered with a state-of-the-art aluminium honeycomb core, ALUCORE® exhibits high rigidity while maintaining an astonishingly low weight. This unique combination grants ALUCORE® a distinct advantage, especially in projects demanding supreme material stiffness - such as façade cladding or roofing where it is exposed to extremely high wind loads, or large self-supporting even walkable roofs.

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ALUCORE®, unlike conventional honeycomb composite panels, has revolutionised the industry by employing a continuous bonding process that results in unparalleled strength and resilience. Due to this process, material doesn’t become brittle and hard, instead renders toughness and shows exceptional peel strength, guaranteeing top-notch product quality. Architects, planners, and designers throughout the world are captivated by ALUCORE® due to its remarkable combination of mechanical prowess, including impressive tensile strength in its cover sheets, and its ability to be effortlessly processed and adorned, creating aesthetically pleasing designs.

With ALUCORE®'s continuous production process, the possibilities are boundless, allowing for the creation of expansive panels reaching lengths of up to 9 metres while maintaining extraordinary flatness. This unique honeycomb panel can be effortlessly shaped using ordinary tools, enabling a wide range of applications. It is this exceptional characteristic that renders ALUCORE® the ultimate choice, not only for outdoor projects such as stunning façade cladding, resilient roofing, stylish balconies, and shelters but also for captivating interior designs like decorative ceilings.

ALUCORE® offers a winning combination of high rigidity, low weight, flawless flatness, and outstanding weathering resistance. Only the highest quality lacquering systems, specifically designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and industrial pollution, are used for surface finishing.

Benefits of using Aluminium Honeycomb Panel - ALUCORE®:

  1. Extensive colour range and impeccable flatness
  2. Remarkably lightweight yet exceptionally rigid
  3. Superior formability, providing architects and planners with design flexibility
  4. Effective vibration damping, eliminating the need for additional sound insulation
  5. Straightforward processing using standard tools for folding and bending
  6. Facilitates convenient on-site handling, even with large-sized panels
  7. Cost-effective substructures and fasteners
  8. Accelerated construction timelines, adherence to schedules, and cost efficiency
  9. Outstanding resistance to various weather conditions

ALUCORE® is not just a material; it is a break-through. It’s remarkable blend of formability, flatness, stability, and weather resistance sets it apart from any other option. Imagine a separate 'skin' gracefully embracing the contours of a building, effortlessly adapting to any shape. Yet, this unrivalled formability never compromises its stability or flatness, thanks to the panel's superior rigidity.

ALUCORE®, with its remarkable composite structure, boasts an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio even for the large panel sizes. This exceptional feature not only ensures effortless transportation and handling due to its lightweight but also guarantees the retention of its shape and flatness, even in the face of extreme temperature fluctuations.

3A Composites, the parent company of ALUCOBOND®, stands as a global beacon of sustainability excellence. Renowned and revered worldwide, it sets the standard for diversified producers and raw material processing companies alike.

With an unwavering dedication to sustainability, 3A Composites goes beyond the ordinary, considering the needs of all stakeholders. This principled approach empowers the company to make decisions that deliver unparalleled economic, social, and ecological value. Moreover, 3A Composites proactively surpasses governmental regulations by embracing continuous self-improvement initiatives for environmental protection.

ALUCORE® can be fully recycled with any other aluminium without prior separation or sorting (scrap value).