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ALUCODUAL® is a pre-coated engineered solid sheet comprising 2/3 layers of laminated aluminium skins. This ensures perfect flatness, which is challenging to achieve with standard post coated solid sheets.

The product undergoes a multi-coat, multi-bake process on a continuous industrial-grade coil coating line, utilizing the highest grade of fluorocarbon based PVDF/FEVE paint system as per AAMA 2605 superior performance specification for exterior to ensure long-term performance and durability


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ALUCODUAL® World of Colors Brochure

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In comparison to a single sheet of aluminum of the same thickness, ALUCODUAL® panels offer enhanced stiffness and rigidity. This structural stability allows for their use in larger cassettes and panels, effectively reducing number of joints and overall costs. Additionally, the material's workability in achieving 3D shapes and complex geometric patterns makes it highly versatile for various architectural applications.

One of the key features of ALUCODUAL® is its fire-retardant property. Since it doesn't have a thermo-plastic core, it remains inactive in the event of a fire, emitting no toxic gases or burning droplets. It is classified as Class A2-s1, d0 according to EN-3501-1 test standard, making it suitable for projects with stringent fire safety requirements.

ALUCODUAL® is used for facades, wall cladding, soffits, column cladding and decorative interior walls in various projects like airports, stadiums, malls and residential buildings. It fulfills fire safety needs while providing flexibility, making it a reliable choice for architects and designers to create visually appealing facades.


The diagram indicates the available range of panel sizes and permissible range lengths at a given panel width, depending on the wind load applied.
The diagram apply to panels supported on four sides (corners fixed).
Dimensional values for other systems are available on request.


Perfect flatness

ALUCODUAL® undergoes a lamination process that enhances its flatness compared to a single solid aluminum sheet. Specifically chosen alloy and temper for architectural applications ensure remarkable flatness in the finished product.

Color consistency

High quality fluorocarbon based PVDF/FEVE coating on a continuous industrial grade coil-coating line conforming to AAMA 2605 and ECCA guidelines.

Fire retardant

A fire-retardant panel that has successfully passed non-combustible fire classification Class A2-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1 test standards


Solid and rigid, yet highly formable, ALUCODUAL® can be easily worked with and transformed into intricate shapes and 3D patterns using standard processing methods.


Corrosion resistant 5005 marine grade alloy ensures long term performance.

Range of colours

With a vast range of colors and surface finishes, ALUCODUAL® provides a large variety for you to choose from. Wood, stone and concrete patterns are also possible.

Design Freedom

Enhanced stiffness and rigidity, coupled with large pre-coated sheets, facilitate the use of larger cassettes and panels for facades.

Technical support

For recommendations and the design of appropriate fixing systems, as well as any other assistance you may need, the 3A Composites team is here to support you.


ALUCODUAL® is 100% recyclable material.


ALUCODUAL® comes with a 10-year warranty.


Environment, Safety and Quality

Today 3A Composite is recognized worldwide as one of the leading companies in the field of sustainability. Not only within its own branch but also among other diversified producers and raw material processing companies across the world. 3A Composites' commitment to sustainability enables the company to make decisions that create the highest economic, social and ecological value, by taking the requirements of all the relevant groups into consideration.

The company commits to continuous self improvement programs for environmental protection, many of which exceed government regulations. 3A Composite continues to serve as a global leader in this field.

During the life cycle of ALUCODUAL® panels, no substances containing CFC are set free at any time. Therefore, selecting ALUCODUAL® for projects which require environmental-friendly materials is literally a natural choice.

LEED Certification

The LEED program has gained much recognition over the past several years and is now the premier sustainability design tool in the building industry. LEED focuses on constructing buildings that have minimal impact on the environment during construction and occupation and acknowledges that using recycled materials is an essential part of reducing environmental deterioration.

Material Recycled % Pre-Consumer Recycled % Post Consumer LEED Contribution (1.0 x Post + 0.5 x Pre)
ALUCODUAL® 20% 20% 30%

Rear Ventilated System

During decades of use in a rear-ventilated cladding system, ALUCODUAL® protects the building from weathering and the harmful effects caused by industrial and environmental pollution.

An external cladding system using ALUCODUAL® acts as a barrier against solar radiation. The ventilated space between the ALUCODUAL® panels and the wall or the thermal insulation reduces heat transmission.

The rear-ventilated cladding system using ALUCODUAL® protects the wall of the building from high and rapid temperature changes. Moisture can pass through the wall. The building structure remains dry.


  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Long-term preservation of the building structure
  • In winter it saves heating cost
  • In summer it saves air-conditioning cost
  • Reduction of thermal expansion
  • Reduction in crack formation


ALUCODUAL® is fully recyclable.

ALUCODUAL®   Thickness: 2/2.5mm
Width (mm) 1250 1500
Length (mm) 2500-6999 2500-6999
Solid colours available available
Metallic colours available available
Custom colours available available
ALUCOBOND® colourscapes available available
ALUCOBOND® organics elegance available available
ALUCOBOND® anodized look available available
ALUCOBOND® concrete available available
ALUCOBOND® grove available available
not available on request

* Anodized according to DIN 17611. All anodized ALUCODUAL® panels have contact lines (about 25 mm width) on their short sides. For panel lengths of more than 3500 mm, the panels have contact lines (about 2 – 3 mm width) on their long sides. Maximum panel length 6999 mm. Please take this into consideration when dimensioning the panels.

Properties Standard Unit Values
Panel Standard Thickness Nominal [mm] 2 / 2.5 / 3
Panel Standard Width Nominal [mm] 1250 / 1500
Panel Weight Nominal [kg/m²] 5.4 / 6.8 / 8.1
Technical Properties:
Rigidity - [kNcm²/m] 500 / 1000 / 1700
Modulus of Elasticity ASTM E8 [N/mm2] 70000
Alloy of Cover Sheet ASTM B 209 - 5005
Temper of Cover Sheets ASTM B 209 - H24
Tensile Strength of Aluminium ASTM E8 [MPa] ≥ 145
Lacquering - - Coil Coating
Pre coated PVDF/ Specially treated coating
Gloss ( initial value ) ASTM D 523 - As per colour shade
Dimensional Tolerances:
Panel thickness - [mm] ± 0.15 mm
Weight - [mm] ± 10%
Length - [mm] + 6 mm

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice / intimation.


Annual cleaning is recommended. The surfaces should be cleaned either manually using a soft brush or by means of a high-pressure cleaner (maximum 50 bar) with clean water. If necessary, a mild cleaning agent (pH 6-7) may be added up to a maximum of 10%. Cleaning should take place from top to bottom. After cleaning, rinse with clean water to remove any cleaning agent residue. Do not clean surfaces heated by the sun (>40°C).

Do not use highly alkaline cleaning agents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, caustic soda, any strong acid products or highly abrasive cleaning agents such as household cleaning products that can corrode the paint.


To protect ALUCODUAL® panels against mechanical damages and harmful effects of weather the following should be observed:

  • Ensure careful handling of pallets during transport and unloading.
  • Examine the pallets throughly upon arrival for any damages due to transportation.
  • Stack only three pallets of similar dimensions horizontally above one another with the heaviest \at the bottom. Do not let the panels stand vertically